About us

We trade in wood! We import sawn logs of pine and spruce from the Nordic countries, and also deal in red and white oak, European ash, beech and alder. The timber that we import are kiln-dried and PEFC-certified. Nordic wood is becoming increasingly popular in India, for reasonsĀ  including high delivery reliability and high product quality, as well as the wood being from certified and sustainable forests with extensive consideration of nature conservation.

We also export stuff from India, mostly to Europe.

Nordic Timber Grading

Wood graded according to the rules of the “Blue Book” (1994) is divided into four grades from A to D, where grade A is the highest quality and grade D the lowest. In addition, grade A can be subdivided into A1-A4 qualities:

  • U/S (A) – includes grades I-IV (A1, A2, A3, A4)
  • V (B)
  • SF (AB) – includes grades I-V, A+B, also known as sawfalling
  • VI (C)
  • Export Schaalboard / Domestic schaal (D)